Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend at the beach

Saturday we spent the day at Sandy Hook beach in Sea Bright, NJ.  Me and my husband got down to the shore nice and early and missed all the beach traffic. We met my sister, husband, niece and nephew at their motel and then walked over to a private beach.  I am not gonna lie, it was probably the most relaxing, most fantastic days i have had all summer.  Then after a nice long day in the sun, we drove down to Highlands, NJ and went to eat at a beachfront restaurant, and followed it up by dessert at another beach front place in Atlantic Highlands. 

 What kind of things do you do at the end of summer?

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  1. at the end of the summer friends and i like going to the beach and staying till the sun starts setting. it's so much fun, not a lt of people do that, and we usually get kind of crazy :P
    my bff and i also like having dvd nights with my special brownies!