Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pizza Frita (FRIED PIZZA) w/ my Nanny

When i was a little girl and used to visit my Nanny and PopPop's house she would always make pizza frita (fried pizza) for us for dessert, and she use to show us how to make them too.  It was always fun to make and really yummy to eat.  It's one of my sister's favorite things we used to do growing up so since she was coming down with her kids, she asked my Nanny if we can make them and teach her kids how to make them too.  If you've never heard of pizza frita, all it is pizza dough, fried in oil, and then when it comes out of the oil it gets coated with cinnamon sugar.  Here's to my Nanny and one her greatest creations and one of our favorite memories!

my niece Gianna

Gia, Zac and Dave

pizza frita

Dave and Zac

Me, Gia and Dave
Me, my sister and my Nanny

Steph, and Gia

What are some things that you remember doing with your grandparents when you we're little?


  1. Yum! This reminds me of the fried dough you can get at fairs.

  2. Oh yummy sounds good!

    My favorite thing to do with my grandparents was coloring. My grandma wasn't as into it but my grandpa LOVED coloring with my brother and me. I miss those days.