Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary Nanny & Pop Pop

Today my Grandmother and Grandfather celebrate 64 years of marriage. 
They are the sweetest most adorable couple i know.
I have mentioned them before in my past posts.
My Nanny is a big part of the reason i started this blog.
Last year for 5 months me and my husband had a wonderful opportunity to move in with them, and see first hand what love is.  In those 5 months living there my 90 yr old grandfather and 87 yr old grandmother taught me more about, life, love, and more about myself then i have ever known.
My Pop Pop spends the day telling my grandmother how much he loves her, and sings to her at night.
And my Nanny spends the day cooking and baking for him, everything she does comes out of love.
They are constantly showing each other and everyone else so much love, and it shows, i believe that it made my marriage stronger by living there. 
Today they celebrated they're anniversary by going to my Nanny's favorite place...Atlantic City, NJ.  They sounded like they had a great time, and i am so happy that got to enjoy themselves today.  They very rarely get to go out, unless it's to the doctors, so this was a real treat. 
So to the most inspiring love story and couple i's to 64 more years of happiness.....I love you guys so much!  You bring so much joy to my life everyday!

 Here is a photo of them 64 years ago today.


  1. That is such a blessing that you were able to spend time in their home watching what real love is like. IT stands the test of time.

    :-) What a lovely story!

  2. How sweet and what a great story. Love reading your blog!