Friday, April 2, 2010

What are your favorite recipe websites?

Hey guys, i know i haven't blogged in a while...i have been pretty busy. I promise to start putting more stuff up soon, you can hold me to that.
Anyway i love looking through recipes on the Internet, and i have a couple favorites like:

Jersey Girl Cooks
Proud Italian cook
My Italian Grandmother

What are some of your favorites food blogs?

Have a great Easter weekend!!


  1. Happy SITS saturday sharefest!! =]

    oohh I have seen the jersey girl one , love it! I like 17 and baking since I'm trying to learn to bake.

    Have a great weekend and Easter !

  2. Stopping by from SITS!

    My favorite recipe websites are (I have a membership) and

    I don't have a favorite food blog(s). Which I know is weird because I'm a food blogger. I have what seems like a gazillion on my Google Reader though.

  3. love the jersey girl one, and pioneer woman cooks, happy sits saturday sharefest!

  4. Stopping by from SITS and wishing you a great day!!!!

  5. Happy Easter from a SITSa! I like Pioneer Woman Cooks and of course! Please come by and visit my Sunday Sidelines and tell me what you are cooking today.

  6. Hm, that's a tough one. It depends on the recipe I need. I don't cook a lot but when I do I HAVE to have a recipe.
    First, I go to Then I try If either of those don't seem to have one that sounds good or has enough reviews I'll usually search for the recipe in google and try to find a blog with a lot of commentary about the recipe.

  7. Another SITS visit a week later:) I also go to often! For my dieting lifestyle, I love Kalyn's Kitchen.

  8. Hi Niki, Thanks so much for the mention, you have a very nice blog yourself and I love the layout!Now I have to pour myself a cup of coffee and go through all your posts. Have you seen staceysnacks, she's a great blogger from Jersey, she posts daily and always inspires.