Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm back and boy do i have a story to tell...

This has been one crazy summer so far.  Here's a quick recap.  I finished Twilight, finally.  I am just getting over a severe case of poison ivy.  My husband lost 50 pounds.  We are actively trying to have a baby.  I am very excited about this journey and will continue to keep you updated and let you know when i get pregnant.

Me and Dave on Memorial Day

Then came the 4th of July.  Me and my husband were sitting in our apartment around 6:00 p.m., getting ready to go out to a park to see fireworks.  I remember saying him, "look out the window, there's a lot of smoke coming from the street".  So we ran to the back of our apartment and opened up our door and as soon as we walked outside we could hear the fire.  We walked to our car and saw that the whole front porch of the house next to us was caught on fire, and the flames were huge.  They were starting to break windows on our building.  One of our neighbors across the street saw it from his window, so he called 911 and was screaming into the house next to us to see if anyone was home.  He saw us and said, "get out now!"  Having never been in this situation before, me and my husband ran for our lives.  We ran back in side, grabbed our cat, and our laptop.  We ran outside to find the fire had spread to the whole front of the house and the house was beginning to crumble.  We got in our car, and drove away, listening to what sounded like 20 fire trucks coming down the street.  As we drove away we were convinced that our place was going up in flames and we weren't going to have a home to come back too.  We drove a couple blocks away and i just started crying.  So my husband pulled over and we stopped for a second and looked at each other and said, "whatever happens, it's gonna be okay."  We were both scared and didn't know what to do. So we drove to my grandparents house down the street and i waited there.  My husband and Uncle rode their bikes down to our apartment to see what was happening.  I got a call about 40 minutes later saying our place is okay, the firefighters got to the house fast enough and were able to save our place, but the house next to us is burned down.  Later that night we went home, the firefighters were there until 2:00 a.m.  The families that lived in the house next to us were on vacation and came home that night to nothing.  Everything they owned was gone and their two dogs also died in the fire.  I will never forget this Fourth of July.  Instead of seeing fireworks that night we watched firefighters put out a huge house fire.  I am so grateful that we were able to come home that night and sleep in our bed, and the worst that happened was our apartment smelled like smoke for a week.  It took me a couple weeks after the fire to relax.  Every fire engine and police siren i heard took me back to that day. I think i went through PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) but i can honestly say i feel like me again.  As i am writing this post, i started to get emotional and remember very clearly what happened that day, but this is my therapy and i thank you for letting me get this out.  Thank you to all the amazing firefighters who risk their lives everyday.  I am truly grateful.

a pic of the house

Now that i am blogging again, i have a bunch of recipes i can't wait to share. 


  1. OMG! Glad you guys are ok..and that your place is too!

  2. oh gosh i would have freaked too!! the part that made me saddest is that their dogs died... that breaks my heart so bad.

    thanks for stopping by our blog... :)


  3. So sorry you had to go through that this year. (((HUGS))) Glad you guys are ok - hope the trauma wears off soon and you start to feel some peace about it.

    Can't wait to see/hear of your new recipes!

  4. Oh wow. That is crazy. Glad you're okay! How sad about their dogs though =-(

  5. Crazy! My house did burn down when I was 10, and it still rattles me every year on the anniversary of it, 18 years later! I feel so badly for your neighbors, but am so happy that you guys are OK... and so is your house!
    Here's to you and the hubs and the baby makin!